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Trading is hard, but it doesn't have to be.

30 Minutes per day. Consistent profits. Low risk.

Imagine how great it would be if that were possible. You could wake up and have a leisurely cup of coffee, rather than rushing to check the markets. At work you would not be stressed about your position, because you know that a bot is keeping an eye on things. And when a signal comes in, you can handle it on your next break, because these are low risk, high percentage trades.

Well, it is possible.  I know because we have been building trading systems inside of professional trading firms for more than two decades! 

Finally trade with edge. Like a pro.

It is hard to be consistently profitable when:

  • the techniques you have been taught have zero edge
  • the risk profile being suggested guarantees wild swings in your account
  • trade strategies are based on patterns, which means by the time you find that they do not work consistently you will still have not learned anything useful about trading

And this is why we created “The Fast Trading System®“. We put particular emphasis on the five pillars of a consistently profitable trader – what we call an AlphaDog. Then we deliver the analysis, weekly reports that give you watchlists and recommendations, providing you with a clear, definable edge.  Finally, our AI delivers real-time  signals so you can focus 100% on the trading.

This is for someone who:

  • wants to make consistent profits trading
  • knows that trading is an acquired skill that gets better with effort and practice
  • wants more edge, but does not have hours each day to spend on analysis

And who wants to never again:

  • trade with zero edge
  • watch your account swing with the whims of the market
  • spend time “learning” techniques that have no value

This is for someone who is ready to join the small contingent of consistently profitable traders.

What our clients are saying:

“I have been trading for the past year and followed a lot of experts with mixed results. Combining the relative value analysis algorithms with coaching from Bill has resulted in great and consistently winning trades. HIGHLY recommend!

“I was always attracted to trading, and even gave it a try for awhile, but my schedule as a dentist was too intense to keep up with it. But now, with the strategy and analysis from Fast Trading, I check my positions for a few minutes each day, and am on track to make a 50% return this year!

“Had a very painful first few months of learning to trade, then I was introduced to Fast Trading. I still have a lot to learn, but have been profitable using the Fast Trading system.”

“I was a professional trader in NY until a year ago. With the pandemic I decided to move my family back to the small town where I grew up. Now I trade exclusively with the analysis from Fast Trading. Could not be happier!

Start every trade as the statistical favorite

What is the biggest difference between a casual trader and a professional? The professional always trades with an edge. That does not suggest that every trade is a winner. But they start every trade as the statistical favorite.  NOW YOU CAN DO THE SAME!

Frequently asked questions

I don’t know anything about Relative Value Analysis.

Good. Most people have it wrong anyway. They think it has something to do with oscillators. Or they think they need a degree in physics. Or math. So they stress themselves out. Overthink it. Put way too much work into it. And then they give up. And for all that? Neither their trading or their knowledge improves. Here’s a better approach: A short and sweet course. You learn what it is. Why you need it. How to trade it. 

I wouldn’t know what to trade.

Do you really think we would build this amazing, powerful edge-finding machine.  And not plug it in?  Please.  We tackle that one. A new pairs watchlist every week.  Price action alerts from our bot.  Plus new sector reports for swing traders each day, and day trader reports updated every hour.  Simply great analysis that gives you an edge on every trade. You don’t win them all. Nobody does. But you will be the favorite every time.

I’m losing money.

Most traders do.  Until they have a winning strategy.  With world class analytics.  That puts edge in their trades.  That spits out profits.  Like clockwork.  But in the meantime?  Winners always find a way.

I don’t have time to sit in front of a computer all day.

That is great news!  It probably means you are a productive member of society.  No need to give up the day job.  30 minutes or less per day.  That’s all it takes.  Did I mention less stress?

Trading techniques with the Fast Trading System

What You Get

Fast Trader Elite – Annual
$1,495 / Year
Fast Trader Elite – Quarterly
$395 / 3 Months
Fast Trader Elite – Monthly
$145 / Month

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