A game-based trading course for beginners.

Trade to Win: Let the games begin!


Trade to Win: A game-based trading course for beginners

If you like games – chess, backgammon, poker, sports betting, video games – and now want to tackle the trading game, then Trade to Win was designed for you!   Trade To Win is, by far, the most innovative way to learn how to trade. The curriculum for Trade To Win combines proven trading strategies with the most powerful learning techniques from the “deep practice” methodology. The result is a revolutionary way to learn how to trade that allows you to practice what you’ve learned in a gamified environment.

Experience Counts

I have been designing/developing applications at top trading firms for many years.  Prior to that I grew an applications development business to 300 employees on three continents. That company was acquired by Perot Systems, where I was head of advanced technology for four years.

Currently on a mission to help individual traders find success by targeting skills/knowledge/analytics that are mostly unavailable to individual traders. No get-rich-quick schemes. Real skills development for real results.

If you are genuine in your desire to learn to trade, I can help; it is what I do.  And I am VERY experienced!

Trade to Win is being released in a few days!